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Training & Program

Training and Program

In NLP Meta, we provide both local and international coaching and workshop, which covers the below listed programs:

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NLP Certified Practitioner Program  Attitude Behavior Change Program

Attention NLP learner! You have dreamt about it and now it is time to do it! Devote yourself this fascinating NLP Practitioner Certification Program - The fastest and most effective unleashing your potential program in 21 Century.

This program aimed to grow an all rounded Spiritual, Mind and Body. Tailor-make an entire new self to increase productivity. It consists of Success Motivational factors, Career Planning, Hypnosis and NLP Methods, a truly unleashing one’s potential program.

Effective Selling with NLP Teamwork Leadership Experiential Program

To all sales personnel! If you want to achieve tremendous sales result in the most effective and fastest way, this program will help you to understand and unleashed you potential in achieving your target!

This program enables you to experience the importance of team working, especially under tough competition. Realizing the sacrifices spirit for team members, understanding and appreciation of different strengths and weakness of team members, etc.

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